Old Time Music

Updated: September 23, 2016

The purpose of this site is to provide tunes for learning. These are some of the tunes we play or that we want to play here in Santa Barbara. We play in Alice Keck Park on Wednesday nights during daylight savings time starting at 5-ish p.m. At this time, I'm not sure where we will be for the winter, probably Lazy Acres. Stay tuned!



What is a Jam?

A jam is not a performance, it's just a group of people getting together to play some music. We play together because it's fun, not because we're a band. We have all levels of players playing together, many people have learned and are learning to play right here and are welcomed and coached along, pretty soon they are bringing in tunes and starting them off.

We have made these recordings at jams, parties and events. Many of the recordings are just snippets and are started and stopped in the middle. People will be gabbing away at the party and a tune will emerge from the din, you recognize it's a good one so fumble for the recording device and then half-way through the beginning of the B part, you finally find the record button! Therefore, the real beginnings and ends are not always included in these sound snippets. Some have even been edited to loop fairly decently when played at home on your Quicktime or other player.